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Scandal - Space Ranger
Scandal - Space Ranger
DEATH NOTE -:- LEILA , my shortmovie about a japanese comic
DEATH NOTE -:- LEILA , my shortmovie about a japanese comic
Sushitime Episode 1 How to Make Sushi Rice
Join itamae Ed Kawasaki from as he teaches ordinary people how to make the best sushi rice for your home made sushi.
Sushi Conveyor
We placed a camera on a conveyor at a Tokyo/Asakasa sushi bar named Maguro-bito(near the Nakamise Shopping Arcade). It was about midnight and the place was packed with great people. Copyright © 2005-2007 Andy Scearce
Sushi: Japanese Tradition
Humorous etiquette guide on how to properly order and consume Sushi created by Japanese comedy duo the Rahmens
guys, pls don't take too serious about this vid. I'm also a big fan of sushi. (OMG unagi is so delicious!!!)
Darth Vader vs. Japanese Police
TRANSLATIONS Narrator: At the evil criminal zone today, a fight unimaginable was taken place! Round 1 *Darth gets hit* D - Didn't expect that - Cop1: ok, get going. Cop3: go, go. Cop4: and you wanna cheer for him (darth) don't you? lol Round 2 *Darth gets kicked* *Darth's lightsaber gets destroyed* D - "SO" didn't expect that - Cop1: ok, g
Paris Hilton - BlSTRO S map 1of2
Paris Hilton - BlSTRO S map 1of2 2
Sato Hiroko-Pink Bikini Photoshoot-佐藤寛子
佐藤寛子(Sato Hiroko) Video of a photoshoot
Pinky and the Brain / Japanese Theme
Theme song for broadcasting in Japan of Pinky and the Brain
Apple commercial: Network
An Apple Macintosh commercial that explains how the Mac will help you meet Japanese girls... er, or something like that.